Monday, October 27, 2014

Active weekend

I had high expectations for this weekend and even though we did not finish many projects, we made progress in many. My wife helped me a lot this weekend. The first thing I had in the agenda was organizing the shed. I did not take a before picture, because it was simply disgusting and that ought not to be shown to the world. Suffices to say that I took out enough trash, that I am not sure they will take it all this week. The end result:
The work bench that you see on the left-hand side was built on Saturday. Here are some pictures of the build. First attaching the beams and making sure they were level.

 Then, I forgot to take more pictures until I was done. It has three beams each screwed to the vertical 2x4's on the shed and each reinforced by a 45 degree truss.

It was almost midnight and I am sure the neighbors did not want to hear me building anything, so I called it a day at this point:
Still messy, but not so bad. On Sunday, I was just going to finish organizing the shed, but instead I started cutting pieces for the 55 gallon fish tank canopy in order to store them neatly in the clean shed. In a second, I went into full-blown project mode. Whenever I finish this project, I will add more details, pictures and measurements in its own blog post. For now, I will just put a few pictures up.
 Box cut out for the filter:
 Front without its cover:
 My wife was painting some signs in the back.
At this point, I needed more materials to keep working, so I made a trip to the hardware store. I bought some extra 2x4's to start on a piano bench that my wife has been requesting for a while. I will also have to make a separate post for that project, but here are some pics:

Last but not least, my wife took the task of staining the pallet chairs:

Well, that was a busy weekend.

Happy building!

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