Saturday, December 27, 2014

Pool-side Loungers

So, I ended up changing my mind with the pallet chairs. The backrest was way to laid back. So, after installing the pool, I decided we needed some pool-side loungers. Therefore, I transformed the pallet chairs into loungers. Now, I just need to paint them and find some nice yellow pillows and they will be ready to go for the summer.

Since my mom is visiting, they were thoroughly tested and were found rather comfortable. (I know, they are by the hot tub at the moment, but they will be by the pool when the summer comes).

Happy building!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Semi-in-ground pool

The project for this end of the year was to sink an above-ground pool about 20 inches in-ground. We wanted a pool but did not want to pay for an in-ground pool and the above-ground pool seemed a little too clunky for the yard. Therefore, we got a small oval resin above-ground rated to be sunk semi-in-ground. I took the shovel and dug it in. While digging, I bagged most of the dirt and posted an ad on CL, where someone contacted me to remove it. He got dirt, I got the dirt off the yard... win-win. Bagging the dirt took a lot of time, but clean-up was a breeze. During the spring we will do the landscaping. So far, so good.

We even have a rubber duckie in. The idea for the landscape is to remove some 2-3 ft of grass around the pool and put lemongrass around it. Then, maybe make a little concrete patio, where we can put the pallet chairs (that will be soon converted into pool loungers) and throw some mondo grass around. We'll see. For now, I will need some days to rest up after so much digging.