Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Semi-in-ground pool

The project for this end of the year was to sink an above-ground pool about 20 inches in-ground. We wanted a pool but did not want to pay for an in-ground pool and the above-ground pool seemed a little too clunky for the yard. Therefore, we got a small oval resin above-ground rated to be sunk semi-in-ground. I took the shovel and dug it in. While digging, I bagged most of the dirt and posted an ad on CL, where someone contacted me to remove it. He got dirt, I got the dirt off the yard... win-win. Bagging the dirt took a lot of time, but clean-up was a breeze. During the spring we will do the landscaping. So far, so good.

We even have a rubber duckie in. The idea for the landscape is to remove some 2-3 ft of grass around the pool and put lemongrass around it. Then, maybe make a little concrete patio, where we can put the pallet chairs (that will be soon converted into pool loungers) and throw some mondo grass around. We'll see. For now, I will need some days to rest up after so much digging.

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