Sunday, November 30, 2014

Boat Rack

It was a fun long weekend. I finished painting the fish tank canopy. I will add a different post for that. I planted a lime tree I had in a pot in the ground. I painted a pot and a bench we have in the front patio.

The blue shutters are in the list of things to do. A new coat of paint is in their future. I cleaned the patio in the back yard. Put new mulch in some areas. But, at some point, my wife and I had an idea. I should build a rack for the boats. This is how my Sunday began. Right after church, I went to the Home Depot:
$78 dollars later, I had the wood to build it. I was thinking about welding one with metal, but wood is a lot faster. So, started loosely following the instructions in this video (the guy explains a lot of good stuff there). First, I pulled the boats out:

Then, I cleaned up a bit and started digging for the posts (I used 2x4's, as the weight is not too much)

 Then, I attached a cross-bar:
Repeated the process on the other side and the first couple of boats went on the rack. Cross-bars were attached for the third boat:
And the third boat can go on:
At this point, it is smooth sailing (for the rowboat...):
I cut the post only on the right side. Maybe at some point, I will make a roof for the rack. The night fell upon me, but I managed to throw the tarp on top of the rowboat. Next weekend, I may apply some mulch. This would serve the purpose of helping with the looks and preventing mud splashing on the bottom boats during the rain.

It may not be the prettiest, but it is way better than having the boats on saw horses :D

Happy building!

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