Friday, March 13, 2015

Springtime is here...

... and I have a sunburn to prove it! After being a lazy bum in the blogging department, Spring Break is the perfect opportunity to get back in gear.

I have been working on some projects, I just have not published much. The first one, is a pathway from the gate to my shed. Here are some pictures.

The finished path (ignore my finger):

 The path in the making:

 I also removed the lawn on a shady area of the yard where the lawn was struggling quite a bit. I am planning to plant some flowers and fruiting bushes. At the moment, it looks empty. But, think of it as a canvas, ready to be painted on (with flowers).
 I made sure to put a barrier to keep the mint and the oregano contained. Those two are almost unstoppable... but tasty. In the pots, a lime tree that is flowering and two little avocado trees.
 This is the view from the patio. The little azalea is blooming :-).
I am also trying to make an arch or frame with a bougie that I never really knew what to do with. At the moment, it looks horrible, but let's wait until it is full and blooming. It should be pretty nice.
 You see, there are some new buds. My phone's camera is pretty bad, as you can see.
Lastly, a few pictures of the yard in early spring. First, the pool and the chairs; they are waiting to get lots of use during the summer... can't wait! BTW, during spring break, I will build a small patio in front of the pool.
 The little blueberry "bushes".
 The other lime tree covered with flowers:
 Radishes, pea pods, some tomato seedlings... a mess, but tasty. I also have a box with lettuce, suffices to say that we may become rabbits soon. On the left, you can see my little azalea bonsai and a little olive tree. That one will very likely live his life in a pot.
Above, raspberry and blackberry "bushes". Below, close-up of the azalea flowers and a baby nectarine in our little tree.

Well, that's it for today. Happy building... or gardening! :D

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