Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring breaking!

I am enjoying a "laid back" spring break by sprucing up the yard. In the previous post, I showed you some of the spring action that is going on in the yard. I am in the process of building the patio for the pool. The pool-side loungers are already being used, as you can see:
That was not the use I had intended for them, but that was a good nap. While I was cleaning the pool, my wife (and her dog) took a nap on the chairs. I LOVE the Quickrete Path Maker. I used it for the path towards my shed. I used it for the patio:

Coincidentally, our HD store had a sale on concrete mix. The patio ended up costing us a little under $60 and a couple of days of work.
Today, I just dug some trenches by the side and put some edging down and added pine needles.

Now, I will put some solar lights around the perimter. I need to bring the chairs back to their place (in a couple more days, so that the concrete is more solid). I will separate some white bird of paradise plants that I have in smaller pots and will place them in two big yellow pots to put by the chairs. It should look good :)

While working, always remember your safety equipment (I know, I am bad about it too)
Happy building!

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