Monday, February 17, 2020

DIY Murphy Bed - Office

This week, I finished a nice remodel at home. I finished building a Murphy bed - office combo.
So, in conversation with my wife, we determined that we were using the guest bedroom very seldom. In addition, our office space was cluttered and not pretty. So, I came up with the idea of combining the two of them and in the process we could declutter the room. So, I started creating frames to fit the height of the room and 13 inches wide and secured them to the studs. I cannot give exact measurements as you would have to fit the frames to your studs.
Then, I made a box for the bed and secured it to the frames by using a pipe flange (screwed to the box) and 1" pipe through the frames. I will try to take a picture of this part.

Excuse the terrible lighting. However, I took most pictures at night. The next step was to make the shelves on either side and screwing them to the frames. 

At this point, I was ready to cover the frames with plywood. I used half inch sanded plywood. 

Attached the legs/shelves and covered some of the holes with spackle.

Then, came the desk attachment frame. This is just a frame with three holes to accommodate for three 5/16" bolts. The desktop is bolted and can be removed when the bed will be in use.

Then, painting and decorating:

This project, took a lot of time. I tried to be as detailed as possible to ensure a nice outcome. I have a couple more projects on the way. I will post them soon.

Happy building!

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