Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Front Patio and Ana White's Adirondack Chairs

So, due to neglect and too much fishing, our front yard looked like this. 
I know, quite embarrassing. We had a mesh and rocks, but with time the mesh degraded and the weeds had taken over. During the summer, I was pulling weeds out of that bed at least twice a month. If left unchecked, you can see the mess it would become. Therefore, we decided to pour concrete over and make it a patio. So, I mixed the concrete by hand with a wheel barrow and a garden hoe.

This was my first time pouring such a "big" area of concrete. I sectioned it off in more workable areas. All in all, it took a weekend to complete the pour.

Then, I built the Adirondack chairs using plans from Ana White:

They turned out great and were very comfortable. When building them, I made a mistake I flipped the back leg backwards in all the chairs. This made the installation of the back rest a little difficult. However, I like the way they look with that back leg backwards.

Since I used pressure treated lumber for the project, I had to wait for them to dry. I left them unpainted for a couple of months. Then, we painted them when we painted the front of the house. This is what it the front of the house looks like now:
I think that is quite an improvement.

Happy building!

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